to mourn the food that i will never eat

since i am allergic to milk, there are certain things that i cant eat.  i have only recently cut milk out of my diet, and i am now realizing that there are some things that i will never get the chance to enjoy.  but i think i’m alright with that.

1. chocolate milk- i never understood this phenomenon.  it seems like everyone liked chocolate milk when they were kids, and to this day my brother drinks about four glasses each day.  i never had the desire to drink it.  it seemed too strange, and i was confused if it was a drink or a dessert. or a drink-dessert, like chocolate liquor, not that i’ve had that either.  i dont drink.

2. creme brûlée- to be honest, i have a very vague picture of what this delicacy actually is.   i have never seen anyone eat it before; the most i know about it is that it was sung about in high school music in the wonderfully terrible song “stick to the status quo.”  so i suppose im not going to spend too much time crying over my  not eaten creme brûlée, since i really have no clue what it is.

3.cappuchino-the lovely little italian drink.  enough said.

4. ranch dressing- i’ll never be one of those kids who are eating their vegetables dipped in ranch in those hidden valley commercials.

5.eggnog- i have mixed feelings about this drink.  considering i hate eggs, im not too sad about this one.  but eggnog just seems so festive, and im sad that ill never raise a glass of this strange concoction, although i’ve never seen anyone actually drink eggnog.

6. cheese curds- i remember when i went to the wisconsin dells with my family when i was younger.  all my mom wanted was cheese curds.  even though they looked like little wet turds, my mother longed for them and devoured the little goobers.  i regret making fun of her for eating them.  i wish that i could have joined in on her curd eating party. omelet with cheese- as previously stated, i hate eggs.  i still would like to have the option of having an omelet with cheese if i ever get over my egg-phobia.  it’s just such a classic breakfast item, and i wish i had the chance to eat it.

8. chocolate chip cookies made my thomas keller- i have a fantasy that one day i will meet the legendary chef thomas keller, and he will make me a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  the cookies will be the ones from his cookbook ad hoc.  they will be delicious cookies.  i will eat all the cookies while discussing with thomas keller what i will help him make that night for dinner at his restaurant , ad hoc.  then we will go eat the dinner and discuss how i have a blog named ad hoc, and thomas keller and i will be best friends.  this is obviously never going to happen, but hey, i have to dream.


One thought on “to mourn the food that i will never eat

  1. yay 🙂 and chocolate milk is delish ok? don’t make fun of it because you shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. i do love this font it’s fabulous. and maybe one day you can get surgery or something and then you can try creme brulee (you’re not missing much there, it’s not that great. but hsm is so don’t diss it)

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