To Emma Watson

Dear Emma Watson,

This lovely quote was said by you, Emma.

“And then – and this is sort of irritating at times – I’m a bit OCD about perfectionism.”

As much as I love you,  I just wasn’t feeling this sentence.  The reasons will now be listed below.

1. It’s a little wordy.  16 words to express a thought that doesn’t need more than 3, maybe 6 words if it’s a rough day.

2. If something is sort of irritating at times, I highly doubt that it’s a mental illness.   You can’t be a bit OCD, just like you can’t be a bit cancerous.  You are, or you are not.  I do agree that OCD can come in many different intensities, but usually if it’s a bit, it’s probably not OCD.  Just my opinion.

3.  As previously stated on my past post, one cannot be a mental illness.  It’s not possible.  Simple logic.  Just like someone cannot be a cold, you cannot be OCD.

4. I don’t understand why you couldn’t just say “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”  or “I’m a perfectionist.” That would have easily gotten your point across without bringing in metal illness.

Emma, I expect better from you next time.  I’m sure you’re a smart young lady, and I normally love you, but just think before you speak.  You play such a role in so many people’s lives and could change the world in so many ways. I, as a fan of yours who actually has OCD, would ask you not to use OCD as an adjective and would love if you used your fame to promote awareness about things such as OCD and other mental illnesses.

I hope you read this.

I still love you, very, very much.


Jessica, a teenager who loves Harry Potter and you and has OCD

P.S.- If you do happen to see this, Emma, that would be so extremely amazing and incredibly remarkable.




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