To Save the Mail

We have reached the sad day on which the United States Postal Service begins its slow decline.  The USPS has announced that it will suspend delivery on Saturdays.  

We have also reached the sad day on which I begin my slow decline into a black hole of sadness, thanks to the announcement in the first paragraph.  

The USPS has been a part of my life forever.  Not just a tiny part, like UPS has been, but a major part.  Almost as major as my family has been.  The USPS has allowed me to connect with some of my favorite people across the globe including, but not limited to: my pen pal in Japan, who is awesome but I haven’t heard from; my pen pal in Michigan, who I love so much and am so glad that I met her this summer; my 6th grade English teacher, who has been one of the biggest influences in my life and has supported me throughout my time on this globe; my family in Chicago, who sends me cards; my cousins in Chicago, who send me drawings that make me smile; my friend at school, who spends her summers in Ireland and to whom I send letters to like the one that is located below.  And a whole numerous of people that I have forgotten.  

The mail is what I look forward to when my days have been terrible.  The mail is there every, single day, except on Sundays.  And now maybe except on Saturdays.  With this new provision, we could be without mail for three days in a row.  Say that Christmas is Friday.  No mail.  Next comes Saturday. No mail.  Then Sunday.  No mail.  And now we reach Monday, and a whole pile of mail greets me.  Mail that should have been in my hands two days ago.  

How my life will be changed without the Saturday mail

1.  My pen pals and I won’t be able to send as many letters in our lifetime due to the loss of Saturday mail.  We will not be able to foster as deep of a relationship.

2.  I will have to wait an extra day to read Real Simple.  Part of my soul lives in Real Simple.  If I were a horcrux, it would be Real Simple. 

3.  Families might be broken up because their Christmas cards would reach the family after Christmas, which would cause a huge fight because one relative forgot about another and then sent them a card late (only out of guilt).

Bottom line is that the mail has to hibernate for an additional day.  But day leads to another.  And I fear that the USPS will soon be laid to rest.



One thought on “To Save the Mail

  1. I hope that never happens. I look forward to my mail. I know many others that do to. It’s a sign of normalcy, of life goes on no matter what. This Saturday cut sucks.

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