to quote some quotable folks

I now present to you a collection of my favorite quotes/ song lyrics/ sayings/ things that I have taken note of over the year.  They shall be listed below, and some of them will have a brief explanation next to them to provide some context.

Look at the stars.  See how they shine for you. Yes, I did just start off with Coldplay, which is incredibly lame, trust me, I know.  But for real.  When was the last time you looked at the stars? I love to think of them as shining for me, for us, for all people.  They shine as encouragement.  They shine as memories. They just simply shine.  They are like mini fireworks every night.  Wow. That sounded incredibly sappy. Please accept my apologies. 😦

Above all, nation is humanity.  I saw this inscribed on a bench at Duke.  I don’t really know what it means, as I took note of it and never actually studied it.  But I like the simplicity of the quote.  If someone has an inkling as of what the meaning is, please comment!!!!!

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and realize it is impossible to change others.  It’s really freaking hard to change.  SOOO much willpower and strength is necessary.  I commend all of you who have changed yourself.  Way to go.

I’m gonna get over your.  I’ll be alright, just not tonight. I know these lyrics are about getting over a guy, but for me they reminded me that I will win my battle with OCD, even if it is not tonight. But I will get over it.  Patience, my dear.

Sucks to suck! It just does.  So don’t suck.

Life is not cured; life is managed.  This little masterpiece is from It’s Kind of a Funny Story, which is kind of my favorite book.  Not everything can be fixed, and not everything is supposed to be fixed.  You just learn to cope.  COPING MECHANISMS.  Those two little words have been thrown a lot at me these few months.  Apparently I had developed some great coping mechanisms or some crap like that.  But anyway….

There is a mountain, then there isn’t a mountain, then there just is.  I LOVE THIS QUOTE.  I heard it on the Dr.Laura show, which I loooooove also.  To me, it means that there is a struggle, then there isn’t a struggle, then you can just be.  Just exist.  Just live.  How awesome.

Let it go; this too shall pass.  Nothing is permanent.  Good or bad.

Someone will irritate you today.  Don’t let them.  You can’t avoid being irritated by one of these 7 billion fools  human beings that dwell of earth.  So just let them be annoying and then don’t get annoyed.  Be the master.

I live here because I am too much gorilla and not enough human.  Or in my case, I live here because I am too much child and not enough adult.

I am a litmus test for quality.          I stole that from her.  I hope that’s okay… I’m not really sure how this blogging thing works…

For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day, and so too one day or a short time does not make a man blessed and happy.


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