to jam (in secret)



I just wrote a post on my other blog a few seconds ago, but I really want to write something for this little corner of my world because I just do.  I had this post thought out about Easter, but Easter was a week or so ago, and I don’t want to write about that today.  Maybe next year. So here is my post today.  A post about jamming. As in jamming hard to music.  This post may take 1 of 2 routes.  The first is that I delve into how therapeutic music can be and then discuss some of the artists that have really helped me get through things, weather they by finished my math assignment to things much more serious.  But I’m not in a very deep reflective mood today, so we will save that rambling for a different day.  You now have something to look forward to.  The second route is where I discuss my music that I just like to jam out to when no one else is home, my music that I am ashamed that I listen to because most of it isn’t even music, my guilty pleasure music.  So here it goes.  A list of all my songs that I hate that I love.  

1. Cheers by the lovely Rihanna- There is something about this song that makes my skin cringe, I’m not sure what it is, maybe that fact that the song just sucks? Oh, yeah.  That’s what it is.  But there is also something that I love.  Well, multiple things.  

  1. This line: I got my Ray Bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight.  I don’t even know what hella cool means.  Does anyone??
  2. She’s singing about celebrating life, which I totally agree is something that we should do.  
  3. I love how everyone is screaming at the start of the music video.  I can’t watch that part without laughing.  And then she rolls up.  And the party starts.  
  4. It’s so easy to learn the words to.  And incredibly catchy. 

2. E.T. by Katy Perry- I think I first started listening to this song because I love the movie ET, which I realize has nothing at all to do with this fine gem of a song.  The reason why I listen to this song now is because of the beat.  So predictable.  I don’t think it changes during the whole song. 

3. Feel Again by One Republic- I love it, and I am not ashamed.  I don’t really love the song itself, but I love what it is saying.  I love how it is talking about being alive again, because being alive for the second time is aways better than being alive the first time.  

4. No Creo in el Jámas by Juanes- I’ve listened to this song since 8th grade, thanks to my spanish teacher.  It’s kind of like Feel Again, in the sense that it’s a hopeful song.  The title means I don’t believe in never.  And I don’t believe in never.  

5. Never Shout Never (the band)- You gotta love this little guy. All of his songs sound the same, and I don’t think any of them are longer than 3 minutes.  They are all short little love songs, and there are all insanely catchy, or maybe all songs are catchy in my mind.  That’s much more likely.  His music is like listening to a rom-com.  It’s not very deep music, but it’s sweet and you want to like it, but there is a layer missing.  

6. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz- I didn’t want to like this song; I swear that I didn’t!  I had accepted than Jason was a one hit wonder with I’m Yours, and I was ready for him to go away. Then this came out.  What really got me sold was the album cover.   The key to my heart is simple design (there’s the secret, boys). And then the lyric video came out.  And it had to do with the mail.  As hard as I tried to let Jason move on, I just couldn’t.  Well played, Jason, well played. 

And that is my guilty pleasure music.  I promise you that I listen to actual music as well, but we can save that for a different day; gives you something to look forward to.  Now go listen to some actual music, not the “music” that I listed above.


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