to make a phone call

I’m in an odd place right now, a place that shouldn’t be a big deal, but to me is it.  I am starting to see my goal of hosting a summer camp for kids with OCD turn into a reality.  People are talking, emails are sending, progress is being made.  But on the horizon a cloud looms.  And the cloud is a phone call.  

Yes, a phone call.  You mean the thing that people have done for over 50 years? Why, yes, yes I do mean that.  

But haven’t you been making phone calls your whole life? Yes, of course… Well kind of… not really.

In reality, I avoid phone calls like I avoid eggs.  I do try to only call those I know, and even those calls I keep to a minimum.  Why can’t we just email? Or meet in person? Or send a letter? Or owl? All of these seem like awesome options. 

Nope.  I have to call, and I am the one doing the dialing.  What if I call in the middle of dinner? (Well, that’s not plausible since it’s an office number) What if I dial wrong? What if we both can’t hear and we have to redial 5 times (which has happened before)?  How am I supposed to take notes and talk and hold the phone and listen and process and be professional all at the same time? I mean I’m pretty decent at multitasking, but the extent of my multitasking is playing Tetris and watching SNL all while petting the dog and eating a Thin Mint. You wish you could do that. 

But I realize the importance of this call, and calls in general.  And I will make the call.  But calling is scary, but so is starting a summer camp.  But I do believe that it will all be worth it in the end.  

Until next time, have a good week.  Make the call.  Reply to emails.  I’m going to go attempt to dial now.  

Totally kidding on the last part; I’m not ready yet.  


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