to cover bulletin boards/is this legal?

Two parts today. Part one is my typical blog, me ranting about a specific subject. Part two is going to be something that I don’t even know that I can do, so sorry WordPress if I broke some rules or something, please don’t make me shut down my blog.  Okay. Let’s begin.

Part one: To cover bulletin boards

So we are renovation our preschool at my church, and I was helping today by recovering the bulletin boards with white paper.  It seems like an easy task, but really I should never have been assigned this task.  The reasons follow.

1. You have to use staplers in order to staple the paper to the board.  It doesn’t seem like that much of an issue, but it is.  So back in like 3rd grade, I stapled my finger, because what else are you supposed to staple, the paper? I stapled my finger, and I did not cry.  Or whine (well I probably whined because I whine about everything). Or yell.  I took it like a man.  Except not like a man because there was a boy in my class who stapled his finger, and he cried.  I was strong.  The reason why I tell you this story is because that stapler incident was the first hate crime against me committed by a stapler.  Today, two  three staplers decided to break on me, shooting staples all over the classroom and cutting my fingers multiple times.  That is why I should never be holding a stapler to the wall or anywhere for that matter.

2. I actually can’t use a stapler.  I’ll either staple it too hard, or too loose so my staple will fall out.  I don’t understand.  There are staples on that bulletin board that have been there for 20 years, but mine can’t stay up for 20 milliseconds.  I just don’t get it.

3. Here is an illustration of me next to the huge bulletin board.  It’s basically like a garden gnome trying to wrap a house in wrapping paper. But PLOT TWIST the wrapping paper is slightly damp for unknown reasons, and you can only attach the paper with staples. (I’m not sure why the board is green in my illustration, but I deleted the file and therefore cannot change it)Image4. I can’t judge the size of the paper to the bulletin board.   Image

Needless to say, a lot of paper was wasted. 

That’s end of part one.  Sorry about the illustrations.  I needed to use my Illustrator, so what better artistic use that stick figure drawings?

Part Two, which I don’t know is even legal whoops.

Can I do this? Okay so I’m having a fundraiser on Indeigogo to raise some money to start a camp for kids with OCD. If you have time and money, check it out and maybe donate, maybe? If you don’t, it’s totally okay and I understand. But if you have an extra quarter or two million lying around, we wouldn’t mind if you gave it to us.  Hopefully I remember to put the link in.. Forgot that yesterday. Aren’t I great at this nonprofit stuff? (no response required)



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