to start 2014 with some nice things

1. wordless web– removes all the words on the page, leaving you with just pictures and colors.  Don’t worry though, you can get them back by refreshing the page.  (just drag the little head to your toolbar and enjoy)

2. verse of the day– daily Bible verse.  I started a mini sort of Bible study using this with a few people at school.  Very simple, straightforward, and a great way to add His word to daily life.

3. new years resolutions– random resolutions for you to attempt to do.  

4. frozen– best movie ever.  Go build a snow man with someone you love. 

and a picture for good measure.  (photo creds to anna)

Enjoy your year, everyone.  Do something new.  Learn how to knit.  Drink more tea.  Drink less tea.  Find God in everyone you meet. 




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