I do not want (to)

I do not want to

look in the rearview mirror

see the damage

cry for the dead (only on the inside)

drive on

leave the last 27 seconds behind

waste the next 27 years forgetting

the past 27 seconds

drive on

your sunglasses with block out the blood

your radio will drown out the screams

roll the window up

lock the door

you are in

they are out

you are safe

they are dead

you’ve been spared

check your seatbelt

it prevents deaths, they say

turn up the radio

it prevents thoughts, they say

keep your foot on the gas

leave the scene

flee the pain

do not turn around

it is done

you are complete

you are innocent

the blood does not stain

your hand or

your wheels

it only tints the side mirror

avoid them for the rest of the drive

the rain will clean it all later


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