To rant about 1984

I have just finished 1984 for the second time.

For those of you how have somehow managed to get through life without reading it, close this page, drive yourself to the nearest bookstore, buy the book, and sit down and read it for the next 6 hours (or until you finish it).

Now that everybody who has not read this book is on his was to buy it, I don’t have to be worried about spoilers.  But in case you haven’t gotten the message *spoiler alert* (even though I believe that if you have not read the book that you deserve to have it spoiled).

Anyways, I just finished 1984 for the second time less that 4 minutes ago.  I had read it a few years back, and it didn’t really have much of an effect on me except that for some reason it was one of my favorites.

After rereading it, I see why I had a deep, passionate love affair with this book, and I think I’m ready to put a ring on it.

Never, ever, ever (and I read a lot of books), have I been so emotionally attached to characters.  Never have I come close to the point of sorrow that I felt when Julia and Winston get arrested.  BY THE SHOP KEPPER. ANYONE BUT HIM. That was the part that really got me.  I so badly wanted Julia and Winston to just live in the attic and drink coffee and read books and think and just have sex forever and ever and make little Julias and little Winstons.


And the fact that something so great becomes so tragically terrible in a matter of like .25 pages is what makes me want to just cry and pull my hair out and burn 1984 but build a shrine for it all at the same time.  So many conflicting emotions.

I knew that they were going to get caught; it is evident throughout the whole book.  But I was in denial.  I was not going to accept that Julia and Winston didn’t end up together forever and live in the attic and make babies and overthrow the government.

I’m still not sure that I accept that they are arrested, even though I saw it happen.

In my mind, they are still in the attic, laying on the bed, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate together.


2 thoughts on “To rant about 1984

  1. Hey there, I already have the book so I didn’t need to run to the bookstore, but haven’t finished reading it yet so I stopped reading anyway. Will read the rest of your rant right after I finish reading. 😉

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