to correct some common misconceptions

although i am a mere fifteen years old and do not have nearly as much experience as some people on this planet, there are some pretty ignorant and confused people on this planet.  i am using this post to hopefully teach these people a few things.

1. a milk allergy is not equal to lactose intolerance.  i have this conversation at least once or twice a week.  “i’m allergic to milk.”  “oh, so you’re lactose intolerant?” “no, i’m allergic to milk.”  “it’s the same thing.” last time i checked, they are not the same thing.  let’s use some simple logic to determine that a milk allergy is not the same thing as lactose intolerance.

  • part 1 of my argument: why would we have two totally different names for the same thing? if a milk allergy was truly a lactose intolerance, why would they be two separate things?
  • part two: they have different symptoms.
  • part three: why are you correcting my diagnose? are you a doctor? i’m not going to fight you on what disease  or illness you have; i will just accept what you tell me for i have not gone to medical school (not yet at least)

2. ocd is not an adjective. the phrase “i am so ocd” makes no sense at all, so please, please stop saying it.  you are actually saying “i am so obsessive compulsive disorder.” ‘you’re a disorder???? wow.  i’m jealous of that.  i wish i was able to turn into a mental illness so i can plague all the people that i don’t like.

  • on a side note, can you please, pretty please with a non-ocd cherry on top, stop saying that you have a disorder when you don’t have it?  thank you very much.  its kinda offensive to those of us are actually affected by these wondrous little acronyms that you like to throw around so lightly
  • and also, it would be grand if people realized that having ocd does not make you automatically clean things, or straighten things, or wash your hands.  it comes in all shapes in sizes, so please keep that in mind.  🙂 thanks very much

3. just because someone isn’t giving you their 100% uninterrupted attention does not mean that they are not listening to what you are saying.

4. eggs are not dairy. dairy comes from cows.  eggs come from chickens.  eggs are baby chickens. dairy is not a baby cow.

i think that’s all the misconceptions that need to be cleared up for now.  enjoy your week.


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